About us

Securing you the strongest financial future

At The Right ISA, we offer you simple ISA and Innovative Finance ISA solutions, with full transparency and competitive interest rates.

Why choose us?

At The Right ISA, we believe it is important to ensure your money is working as efficiently as possible. Even in low interest rate markets, there are plenty of competitive investment solutions out there. We allow you to browse all the best options. 

As we offer execution-only ISA and Innovative Finance ISA solutions, we have some of the very best deals on the current financial market. On top of that, we provide the platform you need to share trades and investments.

Above all else, we think investing your money should be effortless. That your money should work hard, not you. Our clients are able to invest through our secure and easy-to-use investment site that provides full transparency, oversight of your portfolio, and compliant financial transactions. 

Simply choose the investments you would like to make and the amount you want to assign to each, and our platform will do the rest. It couldn’t be easier

Our Technology

Our back-end system, The Sharehub, provides an innovative investor management solution, offering full transparency over your entire investment portfolio. 

At any time, you can log in to our secure client portal to gain full access to your holdings. We provide a personalised dashboard of your portfolio and real-time updates on the companies and private borrowers you have invested in, ensuring you are fully informed about your investment decisions.

Compliant and easy-to-use, The Sharehub system encourages user-to-user communication through our chat and bulletin features. By making it simple for you to talk with other investors or companies, we want to make the investor experience as seamless as possible, ensuring you can make the most informed investment decisions and proceed with maximum confidence.